Ofisgate Verified Program (OVP)

About OVP (Ofisgate Verified Program)

A proven test methodology to solve your network problem.

Ofisgate offer a complete end to end IP based Network Testing, Auditing and Benchmarking services. We do Conformance, Functional and Performance test on layer 2-7 network. Our experienced team of engineers perform our proven test methodology using outstanding test equipment and solution to solve your network problem.

We test your network for:
  • Conformance to standards
  • Performance and scalability
  • Reliability and robustness
  • Interoperabilty and Quality of Service

We deploy various testing methods:
  • High speed traffic generation hardware
  • Real-world application emulation
  • Router emulation
  • Voice and TDM call emulation
  • Sophisticated Analysis Software Automated Test Suites

Network Audit and Troubleshooting
In-depth view of what is running inside the network, using packet analysis techniques is crucial to accurately indentify network problem and performance.
Security Testing
Conforming security assurance requirement for IPSec and SSL-based devices.
VoIP Testing
Verify the functions, performance and scale of the VoIP servers, switches and routers to ensure the Network adhere to end-end VoIP QoS requirement.

Routing and Switching Testing
Verify the scalability, stability and performance of Layer 2-3 swithes and routers.
Application Performance Testing
Validate the devices ability to forward application-layer traffic,containing a resource-intensive mix of services and applications under over-capacity conditions.
Carrier Ethernet Testing
Verify vendors and service provider’s equipment and architecture meet standards and functional criteria to deploy benefits of Ethernet accross WAN.

Broadband Testing
Test Broadband encapsulation and authentication device.
Wireless Testing
Test plan for LTE, IMS, Wimax, 3G, VoIP, SS7 etc. Build a more reliable wireless infrastructure which justify the Investment.
Conformance Testing
Test plan to determine whether a device’s protocol implementation meet specifications and the effect of a new features on existing software.

IP Test Automation
Satisfy the needs for quick time to market, high quality, minimal expense and guaranteed interoperability.
IPTV Testing
Verify network devices in each of the video transport Architectures. Testing on layer 4-7, voice, video and data.
IPTV over IMS Testing
Test techniques for handling IPTV delivered over IMS.


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