Ofisgate Verified Program (OVP)

Network Forensics

A proven test methodology to solve your network problem.

Most organizations nowadays are facing with common problem which is related to Network performance and downtime. Network/IT managers receive complaints from users regarding this issue. Network performance slow down is typically caused by many reasons i.e Application, P2P streaming, Spam, Bandwidth, Virus, Firewall setting and a lot more. What causes the network slowdown and why?

Ofisgate Network Forensic help customers to Test, Audit and Troubleshoot their network and find out the cause of the network downtime, and finally, recommend the solution. Our Network Forensic Services cover the scope of Tapping and Sniffing packets in customer network. From the detailed packets, we will analyze to rectify what are the causes to the network performance issue. We will then submit detail report on our findings and also recommend solution to overcome the customer network problem.

Breadth of Forensic
  • Throughput Analysis
  • Frame Loss Measurement
  • Latency Measurement
  • Jitter Measurement
  • Loss Data Measurement
  • Top Talkers by IP address
  • Top Protocol on the network
  • Summary of the network
  • Apdex measurement for application
  • Network Utilization
  • Network Event based on OSI Layer


Example of Network Forensic Deployment Diagram


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