Ofisgate Verified Program (OVP)

Testing Packages

A proven test methodology to solve your network problem.

  • Independent Test Organization independent assessor to validate your claims.
  • Conducting fair, accurate and well - documented tests has been a cornerstone of OVP Test Lab.
  • We run audit, testing and consultancy services Covering TDM, wireless, Voice, Data and Video over IP network.
  • Multi testing packages Application, IP Network, Telephony, Protocol, performance, Integration etc.

IP Network Analysis

  • LAN Performance Analysis
  • Broadband Analysis WAN analysis (Throughput, Jitter, Loss, Latency)
  • IP Protocol Analysis Top Talker, Top Protocol, APDEX, Windowing system etc.

Application Test

  • Application Load Test, Stress Test
  • Functionality test
  • Call Centre test

Security Test

  • Security Robustness Test — Manage the Vulnerable attack

CPE test (TR-069)

  • Conformance Test
  • Real Simulation for CPE deployment.

3G & GSM Analysis

  • Voice Quality Drive Test
  • Over the Air wireless network Monitoring & Analysis

Fiber to the Home GPON & EPON

VoIP Analysis Voice Quality

IPTV Network


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