Network Optimization

Continuous improvement through scalable performance and acceleration across WAN.

  • Our solution ensure customers minimize network downtime and optimize network performance - gain best QoS for their network activities.
  • Our optimization integration inclusive of performance improvement and management, QoS monitoring, component management and preventive solution.
  • Our optimization solutions:
    • WAN Accelerator - LAN Like performance over WAN
    • Internet Security - Anti spamming, Content filtering, message gateway security
    • Network Forensic tool
    • Network Management solution
  • We offer a complete package which consists of software, hardware and implementation services.


WAN Optimization solution

WAN acceleration reduces the amount of traffic sent across the Wide Area Network (WAN) and delivers information locally whenever possible. This improves the costs associated with application delivery - from staffing, infrastructure and facility costs to expenditures in application software and WAN bandwidth. In addition, WAN acceleration protects investments in business critical applications by ensuring that they meet end user performance objectives, and it minimizes risk of exposure by improving the performance and reliability of data backup, replication and recovery.

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Take A Different Angle

AdRem Software makes award-winning network management software trusted by thousands of engineers worldwide. AdRem's NetCrunch 6.5 is a comprehensive affordable network management and application monitoring solution for networks of up to several thousand nodes.

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Detect, Block, Defend and Accelerate

Wedge Networks product line includes industry leading internet, web and message gateway security appliances, as well application data controller appliances. The BeSecure and BeFast product lines ensure gateway security and WAN optimization using industry leading layer 7 deep content inspection technologies. Wedge Networks products provide Gigabit performance, low latency, easy installation and integrated best of breed technology partners.

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