Network Forensics

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This course gives an advanced look at the TCP/IP architecture – its protocols and message formats - that will be useful to the network diagnostician.

The course will examine many of the popular tools and applications, both open and commercial, which are available to assist in problem determination on today’s most popular implementations.

The course will also provide a problem determination methodology useful in addressing future network problem scenarios. This class will have numerous Hands-on labs designed to illustrate typical IP scenarios on popular platforms. Specifics of these labs should be customized with the course director.


Network Administrator, IT Support, Application Developer and IT Managers


3 Days Classroom


This class is taught by lecture with Hands-on training


Course Modules

An Introduction to Network Forensic

  • OSI Layer
  • Packet Analysis using Network Analyzers

Essentials for Network Forensic

  • Overview
  • How Network Forensics work
  • Types of Analysis
  • Troubleshooting Methodology
  • Analyzer / Tools Placement
  • Hands-on : Placement of Wireshark inside the network and start capture

Navigating the Wireshark Overview

  • Start Page
  • Menu Options
  • Moving Around in the application
  • Graphing
  • Base Lining

Capturing Data and Filtering

  • What to capture, and where
  • Capture Challenges
  • Capture option Window


  • Filtering Overview
  • Types of Filters
  • Basic & Advanced Filtering
  • Hands-on : Network Troubleshooting

Application Analysis and Performance

  • What is application Analysis?
  • Correlating events with conversations
  • Troubleshooting common application problem
  • Expert tuning methodology
  • Hands-on: Application Performance Analysis

Security Analysis

  • Legacy servers and application, older network devices
  • Analyzing malware behavior
  • Hands-on: Sniffing User ID and password over the network


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