Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) Level 1

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Course Description

The CNE6 courses are intended for network and system engineers who need to understand the new features and operational characteristics of network based on IPv6. The Level 1 (Silver) course introduces participants to the basic concept of IPv6 and how these dier from IPv4, related protocols, and the  various transition mechanisms and help add support for IPv6 into existing networks.


Network engineers, managers, and anyone interested in IPv6 deployment. The Hands-on session and demos would be particularly important for operational engineers, while the more general discussion and review of issues involved would be highly relevant to managers and other decision makers.


2 Days Classroom


This class is taught by lecture with Hands-on training


Course Modules

An Introduction to IPV6

  • Refresher on IP Addressing
  • IP Address Management
  • Issues with IPV4
  • IPV6, Solution to IPV6 Depletion
  • Features of IPV6
  • IPV6 DNS
  • Benefits of IPV6
  • What’s Next?

Addressing Architecture

Packet Structure and Header Formats

Header Extensions

ICMPv6 & Neighbor Discovery (ND)

Transition Mechanisms: Dual Stack, tunneling and translation


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