We protect organizations based on objectives, outcomes and how business actually works

Ofisgate Sdn Bhd offers professional services that provide visibility, analysis and context for organization to enhance their performance towards IT network, security and application.

Network Forensics

Network forensics is capture, recording and analysis of network packets in order to determine the source of network security attacks. The major goal of network forensics is to collect evidence.

Security Posture Assessment

Involves probing applications, operating systems and device configurations trying to access to protected data, a good way to probe the weaknesses of an organizations IT infrastructure.

Network Assessment

The network testing layer is examine network diagram, physical and logical, to get a brief idea of what is the main device that operates on their network environment.

Secure Code Review

We also perform secure code reviews to ensure the developed systems and applications are totally secured and free of flaws.


Performance Testing

Our Infrastructure/ Application Performance Testing services has been proven to help our customer’s network and application regardless of their background, issues and challenges faced

Independent Verification & Validation

It is a manual task to check the requirement documents and design documents to find any inconsistencies, discrepancies and errors between them.

Hands-On Training

Ofisgate offers a variety of training solutions for Network Administrator, IT support, Application Developer, IT managers, Security Officers and Professionals.