Security Posture Assessment (SPA) consist of services that provide a detailed assessment of network devices, servers, desktops, web applications, and the related IT infrastructure.

This assessment compares discovered vulnerabilities with industry best practices and up-to-date intelligence from the industry; delivering a prioritized report based on risk to the organization with recommended actions for remediation. We are pleased to provide our customers with security audit services on their network and application with objective to find out the current security level of the network and application. Our Security Posture Assessment (SPA) services cover security assessment on client’s specific IT Assets and network infrastructure.

SPA will help you to improvise your network infrastructure and application as this activity will include findings if there is any vulnerability or security issue exists in the current network. Various hacker techniques and tools will be used to achieve the objective. Based on the result, a current baseline security can be established. By fixing the issues based on the suggested solution, the network should have an incremental improvement in term of security. Also, you able to validate the impact of any proposed changes to see if they really deliver expected improvements — or determine whether you’re well protected from internal and remote intruder.

Our SPA of works are as follows:

  1. Internal Penetration Testing
  2. External Penetration Testing
  3. Host Vulnerability Assessment
  4. Web Application Security Assessment
  5. Database Security Assessment
  6. Mobile Applications Security Assessment
  7. ICT Policy
  8. Hardening Workshop
  9. Post Assessment
  10. Report and Final Presentation