We perform our Network Forensic methodology that has been proven to help our network application customers regardless of their background, issues and challenges faced. Our methodology areas of investigation include causes of network downtime, poor network performance, and slow performing applications running over the network. We also propose recommendations to overcome network issues. We deliver powerful insight, deep analysis and visibility, all invaluable for discovering performance bottlenecks and achieving service level objectives, from end to end, all the way to the customer’s desktop. With this, you can fine-tune network environment and validate the impact of proposed changes to see if they really deliver expected improvements — or determine whether the infrastructure is ready to handle seasonal utilization peaks. Also, it helps in future capacity planning. Despite security aspect, with current enterprise network that more convenient and powerful than ever before, they carry more traffic and more types of data than ever before.

Yet as they grow faster, their behaviour, monitoring and analysis become more difficult to understand. Details will drop, as IT organizations find themselves falling back on sampling and high-level metrics. But details can be critical when troubleshooting an outage, verifying business transactions, or stopping a security attack in a timely manner. No matter how fast the network is running, IT engineers still need to find the needle in the haystack, the digital proof that solves mission-critical problem. Could the problem be related to the infrastructure devices? Is a rogue switch dropping packets periodically? What about the servers? Could the email server finally be giving in to the pressure of handling all those email chain letters the users pass amongst themselves? What is the chance that the users’ systems have been compromised with virus or bots that is spreading stealthily under the shadows of the network like a plague?

How can organizations get access to the details or indicator of compromise that make network analysis more fruitful, so they can quickly troubleshoot problems and find and stop security breaches? The answer is NETWORK FORENSICS!

With Network Forensic solutions in place, you can conduct various types of forensic investigations: