The network testing layer is examine network diagram, physical and logical, to get a brief idea of what is the main device that operates on their network environment. We also will review the configuration of the main network and security devices to know what rules and policies currently implemented here.

Results obtained from all the processes then were benchmarked against Ofisgate Sdn Bhd checklist that is produced from combinations of several best practices of security standards (Cisco Safe, SANS Research Institute, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and ISO/IEC 27013(1-6) Information Security Risk Management). All this finding is documented with proof, Ofisgate Sdn Bhd bring the findings to IT management to emphasize them on the areas of the current network security infrastructure that need to improve.

Our network assessment are as follows:

  1. Network Device Assessment
  2. Network Design Review
  3.  Wireless Security Assessment
  4.  Physical Review Security Assessment