Most organizations nowadays are facing with common problem, which is related to Performance (Network, Security, Application) and downtime. The mix and complexity of multiplay services that must be forwarded by modern network devices mandates the use of deep packet inspection (DPI).

The primary goal of performance testing includes establishing the benchmark behaviour of the system. Several industry-defined benchmarks should be met during performance testing.

Performance testing does not aim to find defects in the application. It also does not pass or fail the test. Rather, it addresses the critical task of setting the benchmark and standard for an application. Performance testing should be done very accurately. Close monitoring of the application/system performance is the primary characteristic of performance testing.

The benchmark and standard of the application should be set in terms of attributes like speed, response time, throughput, resource usage, and stability. All these attributes are tested in a performance test.

We are provide performace testing including:

1. Load Testing

2. Stress Testing

3. Performace Testing

4. Soak Testing

5. Capability / Scalability Testing

6. Volume Testing

7. Memory Management Testing