One of our favorite security tool ever! Regardless who you are: Pentester, network engineer/ops, security enthusiast, hobbyist, researcher etc for multiple reason such as network/hosts discovery, administration, inventory or security auditing. Learn how to setup, install and run NMAP. Explore various scanning options for different types of results and know how to read the outputs! Experience how NMAP uses raw IP packets to determine what hosts are available on a network, what services (name and version) are offering, what operating system is running and don’t forget see the crafted packet with packet analyser such as tcpdump, tshark or wireshark! And here is the best part: All participant will experience our latest state of art playground consist of:

  • Real-world application protocols:
  • Simulates over 300 application protocols, each can be modified to simulate specific application flows.
  • Protocol dynamics and realism:
  • Able to customize and manipulate any protocol, including raw data, to simulate legitimate or negative traffic.
  • Real-world attacks:
  • Supports over 37,000 attacks and malwares and the attacks can be obfuscated by over 100 evasion techniques. We assume participant have some basic familiarity with TCP/IP and networking concept. If not, go and read some of our recommended holy book.

A. The TCP/IP Guide
B. TCP / IP For Dummies
C. Guide to TCP/IP: IPv6 and IPv4
D. Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol.1
E. TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1