Workshop is conducted to guide relevant stakeholder to mitigate and eliminate all the vulnerabilities found during Security Posture Assessment. The scopes covered are Critical and High findings for Internal Penetration Test, External Penetration Test and Web Application Security Assessment.

Hardening guidance workshop activities cover the following:

  • Keeping security patches and hot fixes updated
  • Monitoring security notices that are relevant to a system’s operating system and applications
  • Closing certain ports such as server ports
  • Installing virus and spyware protection, including an anti-adware tool so that malicious software cannot gain access to the computer on which it is installed
  • Keeping a backup, such as a hard drive, of the computer system
  • Disabling cookies
  • Creating solid passwords
  • Never opening emails or attachments from obscure senders
  • Removing unnecessary programs and user accounts from the computer
  • Using encryption where conceivable
  • Hardening security policies, such as local policies relating to how often a password should be changed and how long and in what format a password must be in