This course for packets lovers who like to gain more experience in dissecting, handling, troubleshooting, mitigating risks based on the PCAPs captured. Be advise, this is 101% hands-on workshop is based on real case studies from perspective network, security and application. Familiarity with protocols like IPv4/v6, ARP, HTTP/S, DNS, DHCP, OSPF/BGP, 802.1x, 802.11 802.3, IETF/RFC papers is a must. Participant will be expose of doing real life scenarios using our playground (Cyber Range) which consist of multi-vendors networking/security equipment, with complex network, security and applications scenarios. Our Cyber Range offers more than 376 real world applications, 3704 application flows fully and highly customizable, 37,778 strikes (Malware, DDoS/Exploit and of course, ransomware) During the course, instructor will guide the participant to next level of doing in-depth packet forensics.