Battle Ranger

Battle Ranger


Our virtual hosted cyber range infrastructure provides you with virtual environments for realistic and interactive technology simulation, offense and defense hands-on exercise and training.

Why Virtual?

As an experienced entity in delivering Cyber Range to Military and Education sectors in Malaysia, the obvious drawbacks with physical Cyber Range deployment are its deployment scalability (additional component requires additional hardware in the infrastructure) and high maintenance cost. With virtual platform, you can have a scalable Cyber Range platform (less space consumption) and with Malaysian made products, customer can enjoy even more lower maintenance cost. Nonetheless, we do support hybrid deployment (integrating physical component with Battle Rangers system).

Why Cyber Range is essential in every organizations?

Imagine! Just like playing video games – with everyday playing the games – players are getting more familiar with the games, the tricks, the pattern, keep on adding level and eventually becoming a sifu of the video games they are playing.Same concept, with Cyber Range – with constant practice by cybersecurity practitioners – they will get familiar using the tools and software, get to know any malicious patterns, the techniques to defend, what is the best approach to defend, what to strategize, develop action plan and ultimately, they are ready and have no fear facing any cyber attack in the real world.
Battle Ranger

Real-World Cyber Attack Simulation

Mimicking real-world cyber attacks in the lab so that they too can train as they would fight.

Hands-On Defensive and Attacking Labs

Capable of simulating offense and defense test scenarios. These practical exercises go beyond theory to allow students to have good understanding and elaborate offensive and defensive techniques.

Develop Cyber Security Competencies

Curriculums are developed inline with cyber security best practices to develop quality cyber security professionals and close the gap in cyber security professionals’ shortage.