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Ofisgate Sdn Bhd provides a wide range of services related to network assessment which is your gateway to robust network solutions Malaysia. As a leading network security company in Malaysia, we offer comprehensive evaluations, identifying vulnerabilities and providing tailored recommendations. These services provide an in-depth analysis of your network’s infrastructure in order to collect and analyse comprehensive packet data of your network. This packet data can include current network issues, any signs of performance degradation on the network, and potential areas for improvement or network optimization. Trust our expertise as the premier network solution company in Malaysia for a secure digital infrastructure. 



network security company in malaysia

Our industry experts assist organisations in securing their networks by testing, auditing, and troubleshooting any performance problems that are associated with its network.

Following the conclusion of the assessment, the findings are factored into the process of developing specific recommendations for improving the management strategy of the network, the design of the equipment, the configuration of the equipment, and the safety of the network. In addition, the information is utilised so that the design process can be supported by it.

List of Network Assessment

See how our subject matter experts can tailor solutions to your unique needs to prevent the most important and pervasive vulnerabilities to your organisation network.

Network Security Company in Malaysia

Explore our range of network assessment services at Ofisgate Sdn Bhd, your trusted network security company in Malaysia. We offer innovative network solutions Malaysia tailored to your specific needs, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats. Partner with our leading network solution company in Malaysia to optimize your network infrastructure and safeguard your digital assets. 

Network Health Check is designed to test and validate the network’s critical components for dependability, performance, and visible security flaws.

Network Forensics will be able to locate the source of any network, security, or application performance issues by packets sniffing and analysis.

Wireless Performance Assessment uncover specific configurations or components that are affecting the performance of the wireless and to provide insight into what is required to remediate them to improve the overall health of the wireless environment.

Network Cabling Assessment will determine whether or not the performance of the cable that was tested was appropriate.

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